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AutoGlobalTrade AG

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[Szwajcaria]2014/15 Dodge Challenger (all models available)

Best prices on Dodge that you will find. Available now in stock, please contact for more information![...]

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[Szwajcaria]New Car Brands

We have the ability to offer you cars from almost all brands, with a speciality in American vehicles however no exclusivity here. Please contact for any new car needs from any brand![...]

Sprawdzony partnerEurofirma 2020-04-22Szczegóły...

[Szwajcaria]2014/15 Dodge Charger (all models)

Vailability in all models and in stock now, please contact for the best Dodge deals now![...]

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[Szwajcaria]new cars

AutoGlobalTrade is a multinational vehicle trading company dealing in New vehicles. We are supplying importers, dealers in over 70 different countries and our relationship with Manufactures / General Importers and main dealers enables us to be competitive in the wholesale car market. Our sources reach all continents and based on your request we are able in most cases to offer the right specification vehicle for the right price structure.[...]

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[Szwajcaria]auto exporter

We are an USA vehicle wholesale supplier with storage in Bremerhaven and Rotterdam. With 200 -300 vehicles and about 30 different models in stock, we are the biggest independent USA vehicle supplier in Europe. We are also overproduction specialists mainly with Chrysler and Ford Vehicles with European COC. With our offices at USA we are able to supply vehicle on demand. AutoGlobalTrade finances all vehicles in the storage and through its large volume orders directly from the manufacturer allow[...]

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[Szwajcaria]Overproduction vehicles, dead-stock

In sequence of the demand of our long existing Clients, we are currently looking for additional suppliers of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche and other various Brands. With our over 20 years experience in Purchasing ready stock units and placing orders from authorised dealers, we are aware of the contractual arrangements that authorised Dealers have with the Manufacturers. We therefore established during the years a full After Sales Services to our Clients for units not arriving as such at any[...]

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